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How to handle FDNS Site Visit?

Posted August 06, 2018 - Giridhar Mosay 1 Comment

Are you worried about FDNS (Fraud Detection National Security) Site Visits? Did you know that an average of Nine Thousand FDNS Site Visits happened every year in the last four years? During these visits, 53 percent of the H1B non compliant reviews ended up in revocation. Current administration says this fiscal year is expected to have five times more FDNS site visits when compared to the previous year, approximately 45,000 site visits this year.

The goal of FDNS Directorate is to ensure that the companies requesting immigration benefits are not indulging in risk to national security or integrity. The core responsibility of FDNS officers involve background check and verifying immigration benefit petitions.  Fraud and compliance assessments are used to detect the fraudulent types and volumes in an organization. Most of these site visits are unannounced.

Typical FDNS officer tasks include

  • Confirm the supporting documents submitted for H1B petition.
  • Confirm the employer details.
  • Authenticate that the public access files are available and have relevant information around the immigrant workers.
  • Interview the immigrant worker for various aspects like work location, roles and responsibilities, pay etc.
  • Capture the pictures.

There are more than 60+ elements on which the FDNS site visit officer can interview the employer and employee. Even though FDNS site visit officer can be expressed the unwillingness to participate and terminate the visit, immigrant beneficiaries are recommended to be prepared for the site visits and co-operate. Ensure that all the readily available documents are shown to the site visit officer. Any additional information requested can be communicated as a follow-up to USCIS.

How to handle?

  • Inform your immigrant employees about the potential site visit
  • Develop policies to maintain information across your organization to be better prepared of such visits
  • Provide accurate information to the FDNS officer. Do not do guess work
  • Stay up to date on worksite changes, job roles and responsibilities and any other relevant information

Organizations depend on attorneys to answer any of immigration related queries. However, it’s time to be better aware of these FDNS site visits within the organization (employer and employee).

OnBlick provides guidance in seamlessly handling FDNS site visits.

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